T.A.P.S. Multi-Gun

The 2018 Topton Multi-Gun calendar is as follows:

Keystone Munitions RTE Targets Series: Info at Brian Enos ForumsInfo at Practiscore
Sunday, April 29 at New Holland Rifle & Pistol Club
Sunday, May 20 at Topton Fish & Game Association
Sunday, September 30 at New Holland Rifle & Pistol Club
Sunday, October 21 at Topton Fish & Game Association

Trijicon 3 Man 3 Gun Championships: Info Here
Saturday & Sunday, July 14 & 15

Monthly Multi-Gun Matches
Sunday, April 15
Sunday, June 17
Sunday, October 21
Sunday, November 18


Multi-Gun Matches are usually held on the 3rd Sunday of each month, March-November, weather permitting. Most matches are $20. Setup begins at 8:00 AM, Registration closes at 10:30 AM, followed by shooters meeting and walk through. This is a volunteer sport. Setup and tear down help is needed. New competitors must notify the Match Director as early as possible to arrange for the required safety check.

Attention Shooters: Promoting interest and growth in this sport requires stage designs that are both fun and challenging. Your ideas are a valuable resource. If you have an idea for a stage, or would like to design stages, we have the tools available to make the task easier. Our PowerPoint stage design template makes designing stages as easy as copy and paste. Download the template, design some stages and send them to us. Support the sport!!
Download PowerPoint Template (Word doc)
Template Preview (PowerPoint not required to view)

DRY FIRE & PRACTICE TARGETS: Realistic IPSC targets you can print and use for dry fire practice indoors or take them to the range to really sharpen your skills. Print these targets on heavy card stock and use them for your dry fire drills. Use these at the range as a large “paster” to cover up that blown out A zone you’ve been blasting away at. They also make great targets for indoor “airsoft” or pellet gun practice. The power point template includes a shoot target and a no-shoot target. Right click the links below, then “Save target as:” to save a copy to your hard drive.
Power PointPractice Targets
Click here to view a JPG image of the target (No-Shoot_Target)

TAPS Stage Book