Range Rules

• Club Rules & Policy
• Rifle / Pistol Range Rules
• Archery / Trap / Game Rules

Range Hours: 8am – Sunset, No Exceptions

  • Members Only
  • Eye and hearing protection required
  • Range rules have been posted on all ranges. Failure to comply with posted rules may result in suspension of membership.


Notice: Range use restricted during scheduled club events.
Please check the calendar before planning your trip to the range.

Range restrictions apply as follows:

  • 3-D Archery Match: All ranges are closed during the match.
  • Cowboy Match: Pistol Ranges Closed, most rifle ranges open.
  • IPSC / TAPS Match: Pistol Ranges Closed, most rifle ranges open.
  • Steel Match: Pistol Ranges Closed, most rifle ranges open.
  • Trap Shoots: 100 yard & 200 yard rifle range closed during shoots.
  • Major Events: All ranges are usually closed. Check calendar for details.
  • Spring Clean-Up Weekend: Range use limited depending on activities.

Guest passes are available at the club for MEMBERS’ use when bringing a guest. Cost is $10 for the day. Three guests per member allowed per day. GUESTS must be with a MEMBER and have a valid GUEST PASS, otherwise it is considered TRESPASSING and you will be PROSECUTED! If a member is caught with a guest & they do not have a valid pass paid for in the box, their membership status will be brought before the board. For more details, call the club 610-682-6902 weekends or 610-295-4735 anytime.