Kitchen at the club house is open Saturday 7am to 11am & Sunday 7am to 1:00pm
The Clubhouse is now SMOKE FREE! No smoking will be allowed inside.


  • Trap Field with electronic & manual traps
  • Indoor & outdoor Archery ranges
  • Rifle Ranges: 200 yards, 100 yards & 75 yards
  • 6 Pistol Ranges


RANGE RULES have been posted on all ranges! Failure to comply with posted rules may result in suspension of membership. Eye and ear protection mandatory on the ranges.

Notice: Range use restricted during scheduled club events.
Please check the calendar before planning your trip to the range.

Range restrictions apply as follows:

  • 3-D Archery Match: All ranges are closed during the match.
  • Cowboy Match: Pistol Ranges Closed, most rifle ranges open.
  • IPSC / TAPS Match: Pistol Ranges Closed, most rifle ranges open.
  • Steel Match: Pistol Ranges Closed, most rifle ranges open.
  • Trap Shoots: 100 yard & 200 yard rifle range closed during shoots.
  • Major Events: All ranges are usually closed. Check calendar for details.
  • Spring Clean-Up Weekend: Range use limited depending on activities.

Guest passes are available at the club for MEMBERS’ use when bringing a guest. Cost is $10 for the day. Three guests per member allowed per day. GUESTS must be with a MEMBER and have a valid GUEST PASS, otherwise it is considered TRESPASSING and you will be PROSECUTED! If a member is caught with a guest & they do not have a valid pass paid for in the box, their membership status will be brought before the board. For more details, call the club 610-682-6902 weekends or 610-295-4735 anytime.