Local shooting equipment company hiring

Posting this for our members. They are looking to hire from the local shooting community.


My name is Charles Hardy, Director of Competitive Edge Dynamics USA (CED). I am a Sponsor / supporter of many events held throughout the year, including at your range. Our company, Alpha Dynamics USA is located in Orefield, PA. We are seeking someone to join our staff who has a strong shooting background, who may possibly be recently retired and looking for a 25- 35 hour a week position working with products for the competitive shooting market or someone who wishes to get back into working now that children are in school. www.cedhk.com or www.doublealpha.biz are our two websites which will give a broad overview of our branded product range. The position would include customer service, product testing, some repair, and order processing, pulling, packing, and shipping prep. We feel that a local person with competitive shooting background would be an asset assisting customers with product questions. Depending on this person’s background, there could even be sponsorship options for matches possible.

If possible, could you please post this opportunity on your membership boards or spread it by email to membership? Anyone interested, should contact us with a Resume (info@cedhk.com) or contact us at 610-366-9752.

Thanks you so much for considering and reviewing this request. We prefer to support our local loyal customers and clubs whenever possible


Charles Hardy
Alpha Dynamics USA
Competitive Edge Dynamics USA