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Steel Challenge Class

Topton Fish & Game Assn. will be holding a steel challenge style shooting class with S&W pro revolver shooter David Olhasso & James Mcginty. At the 2014 PSA Shootout James placed 1st in open auto and 2nd in stock auto, open revolver, and stock revolver. The class will be held on Sat. July 12th. this is the day before Topton’s first league match. The class fee will be $175.00 with a $90.00 deposit due to hold your spot and $85.00 cash due the day of the class. This class will be held rain or shine and will run from 8:45 am till 4:00 pm with a short lunch break. Both Dave and James will be staying after till approx. 5 pm to have some fun shooting with everyone. Dave recommends bringing a minimum of 600 rounds of minor PF ammo and a minimum of 5 mags, if you have them 8 would be better...

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Steel Challenge Practice

Topton Fish & Game will be holding a Steel Challenge practice match on Sunday May 18th. Registration will be $15.00 for your first gun and $10.00 for a second. This will be one session with a 10am start. We will be shooting a combination of the stages that will be shot at the GT Targets match on May 24th and the first match of the PA State Steel Challenge Series match at Guthsville on May 31st. Stages used will be 1 Pendulum, 2 Five to Go, 3 Speed Option, 4 Showdown, and 5 Roundabout.

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